Excavator Mounted Type

LHV Series

Hydraulic Vibro Hammer, as the attachment for Hydraulic Excavators and developed for Civil Constructions:



LHV series are the Hydraulic type Pile driver and extractor which has low vibration, low noise and high performance, pursued maneuverability and economical efficiency, installed on the arm of Hydraulic Excavators as attachments and powered by the hydraulic pressure from the base machine.
LHV series can be installed on the hydraulic excavators of 10 ton to 30 ton class and can work in a small place like narrow roads or agricultural roads.
LHV series equipped with new extension Arm which installed the hydraulic unit and solved such problems as the difficulty of mounting a hydraulic unit on the base machine or the difficulty of modifying the piping set-up on the hydraulic excavator unit.

Model selection guide

lhv_zuhan02.gif lhv_zuhan01.gif

Name of each parts

1 Vibro Hammer
2 New Extension Arm
3 Hydraulic Unit Cartridge type
4 Remote control box
5 Control Box
6 Piping for Drain on Arm and Boom
7 Piping for pump
8 Auxiliary wire
9 Pile
A Control Circuit
B Electric Circuit


lhv_photo_01.jpg lhv_photo_02.jpg lhv_photo_03.jpg

CAD Data

If you want to download the CAD data, Please right click the file, and select "Save Target As".

LHV-04 btn_dxf.gif btn_dwg.gif


btn_dxf.gif btn_dwg.gif
LHV-07 btn_dxf.gif btn_dwg.gif
LHV-07_EXT btn_dxf.gif btn_dwg.gif
LHV-09 btn_dxf.gif btn_dwg.gif
LHV-09_EXT btn_dxf.gif btn_dwg.gif