Excavator Mounted Type

CHV Series

Excavator-mounted Low Head type Vibro Hammer



  1. Environmentally friendly
    Approved extra low noise level by Japanese Government and Achieved low vibration works by its hydraulic system.

  2. High Performance
    Combined force of Centrifugal force by Vibro itself and pushing power by the base machine makes bigger performance than that of 60kW class electric type Vibration Hammer.

  3. Energy Saving
    Achieved very less fuel consumption due to Hydraulic pressure as driving force using same one from the base machine.

  4. Cost Saving
    Achieved low cost and speedy construction because CHV have very simple structure and high movability, in addition to the high machine performance.

CHV construction methods is especially useful in the limited locations like under the bridges for the piling jobs for the strengthen against earth-quake or for the protection of river banks.
Also CHV can drive the H-shape steel sheet piles easily, this is different from the Press-machine. So under the any vertically or horizontally limited space for example, under a tree, on a river bed, under a girder, or on uneven surface ground etc., H-shape steel sheet piles for any purpose can be driven easily.


Examples of Piling Works

Piling under a tree or on a river bed
Piling in a narrow working space under a girder
Piling in the water under a bridge
Piling in a narrow working space on an uneven ground


chv_photo_01.jpg chv_photo_02.jpg chv_photo_03.jpg