We, CHOWA KOGYO CO., LTD. developed our original piling technologies and know-how since its establishment.
Our spirit of management policy, "Continuous Challenge of product development and Social Action by enriching our business", continues to live on today.

Amidst the rapid progression of the world's civil engineering and construction industry, we, as "A Leading Company of Vibro Hammers", are always evolving our technologies and propelling the development of new Piling Methods.
Our products are created by the company professionals, using our proven technologies and wealth of know-how which were accumulated through vast experience.

Our goal is to make a significant contribution to a society which can offer people greater peace of mind.

To achieve our goal, we step up our efforts and push forward confidently by keeping our corporate motto "Maintain a harmonious balance of People, Technology and Environment" in our mind.

Chief Executive Officer Nobuhiro Nakajo

Company Profile

Name Chowa Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Address 5th Floor,Shin-Osaki-Kangyo Bldg,1-6-4,Osaki,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone +81-3-3779-7871
Fax +81-3-3779-7870
E-Mail info@chowa.co.jp
Established 24th June,1985
Capital 47.3 mililion yen
Fiscal year-end 30th,April
Main Bank Mizuho Bank
Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank
Resona Bank
Web site https://www.chowa.co.jp/



1985 Founded as "CHOWA KOGYO CO.,LTD." in Minato-ku, Tokyo,Japan
Capital 10 million yen
1988 Established Osaka Branch in Suita-Shi,Osaka,Japan
1991 Capital increased to 22 million yen
1994 Company Head office relocated to Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,Japan
1997 Set up Osaka factory
Osaka Branch relocated to Settsu-shi,Osaka,Japan
2001 Acquired ISO9001 certification
2004 Osaka factory relocated to Nishiyodogawa-ku,Osaka,Japan
Capital increased to 44 million yen
2009 Established Nagoya Branch in Kanie-chou,Amagun,Aichi,Japan
2015 Capital increased to 46 million yen
2016 Capital increased to 47.3 million yen

Line of Business

  1. Designing,Manufacturing,Sales and Repair of Construction Machinery and Industrial Machinery(Vibration Hammer etc.)
  2. Consultant and Rental Business of Construction Machinery & Industrial Machinery.
  3. Designing,Manufacturing,Installation,Repair and Maintenance of Control Equipment.
  4. Designing,Manufacturing,Installation,Repair and Maintenance of Ground Improvement Plants & Equipments and other Steel Structures.